Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Victoria & Albert Bathtubs and Basins

Beautiful Victoria & Albert tubs and basins are now showcased at the Foothills Design Studio.  These bathtubs and basins are made from naturally white Englishcast(TM), the unique limestone-rich material exclusive to Victoria and Albert. 

Harnessing the unique properties of volcanic limestone, Victoria & Albert creates exquisitely hand-finished bathtubs and vessel basins with exceptional strength and heat insulating properties.  This is achieved with Englishcast(TM), a world-class material that allows large and complex shapes to be cast in one flowing, seamless piece. 

The naturally durable stone content makes it highly practical for day-to-day use.  Delivering ultimate piece of mind, every Englishcast (TM) model features renewable internal surfaces to help keep it looking like new for years to come.  Backed with a 25-year domestic warranty, choosing Victoria & Albert is more than a purchase, it's an investment for life. 

Stop in and see one of the Victoria & Albert bathtub models at our Foothills Ace Design Studio today!

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Aura Waterborne Interior Paint by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore's new Aura Waterborne Interior paint line is available at Foothills Ace. 

Aura paint's waterborne technology keeps VOCs and odor to a minimum, so you can feel good about the environment.  Aura paint offers the  most advanced way to bring color to your life.

The exclusive Color Lock technology bring discernibly richer, truer color paired with incomparable performance. 

Color pigments are microscopically bonded to the paint film as it dries, permanently locking in color for richer, more enticing hues and a new standard in durability.

Only in Aura paint:

  • Exclusive color lock technology
  • Fully washable in any sheen
  • Fast one-hour re-coat time
  • Exceptional flow and evening
  • Seamless touch-up
  • Richer, more enticing color
  • Maximum hide in all colors
  • Unsurpassed surface smoothness you can feel and see
  • Low VOCs for environmental protection
  • Low odor
  • Mildew resistance

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